Monday, January 18, 2010


A 20 minute juggernaut engineered for maximum destruction. I asked a friend if he had heard this LP yet and he told me that he was avoiding it because he felt that drunk driving was nothing to make light of. I was a bit taken aback by that comment as it's obvious to me that Drunkdriver are deathly serious about what they're doing, in a total bloodletting sort of way. I view their stance as one akin to fellow noise rock deconstructionists The Austerity Program. It seems both of these bands would push you down a flight of stairs and then sneer at you from above. This is some mean, sweaty, raging noise ROCK. And that's just Drunkdriver on their own. On this LP they're collaborating with whooshing hell-monger Mattin (of his own devices as well as frontman for Billy Bao) and the result is a similar to the pairing of Pyramids and Nadja-a pure collaborative effort wherein the individual contributions become invisible and the whole becomes something larger and more encompassing than either participant could produce on their own. In short, these two entities were meant to work together. And fuck, is it ever an exhausting workout. Two sides of wax that don't ever let up, offering no mercy and serving up a gurgling torrent of adrenaline fueled blood and spite, cloaked in blankets of brutal repetition and howls of unbridled electricity. It's unhinged, totally chaotic but completely mind-numbing. Think Brainbombs meets Lightning Bolt and you're almost there. It's that frenzied, that crazy, that violent, that cathartic, that unnerving and it fucking ROCKS. It's like some noiseberry crumble served up on a plate of puke and spit and the moment you take a bite someone's going to hit you over the head with a hammer. This is revolutionary stuff, and again, much too much too short, but i don't how much of this you could really withstand. Do you relish the idea of having your head smashed against a wall over and over and over until it's a mushed up pulp of gray brain and clotting blood? Probably not. But those 20 minutes when it's happening are fucking beautiful.

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