Sunday, February 7, 2010


Volume two of the trilogy, following a similar pace as the last with side one given over to shorter expositions while side two is one epic composition. In this case both sides are far more wasted, resulting in a much more heightened sense of cosmicness. The controls truly are set for the heart of the sun. Side A is comprised of five short demonstrations of various psychedelia, from post-Danubius flavored symphony attempts to raga-esque zone-outs basted in hashish logic. The only complaint about any of them, as usual, is that they're all too fucking short. As much as vinyl seems to be the preferred format for this style, it sure doesn't suit it. These pieces are limited by their edits-there is no start and stop to any of them-so you know the vinyl is only serving as a limitation here. While the quality of the tunes is never in question the methodology is. Side B aims to correct that with a wrenching narcoleptic jam, one of the most pummeling takes in VC's recorded history, the drums absolutely propelling the piece to an apex that it may or may not have wanted to get to. It's as though the drums are putting the song under martial law. Incredibly "tribal" and forceful, driving the composition to its inevitable collapse beneath its own ambition and aimlessness, a wash of piano style notes giving way to a sterile, relaxing drone that carries things through to the end. Another communique from the damage dimension, another primal scream from the ooze.

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