Sunday, June 20, 2010

NAILS "OBSCENE HUMANITY" (Six Feet Under/Streetcleaner)

Eleven minutes of fiery, molten hate and pure caustic auditory destruction, as pure a demonstration of grindcore nihilism this side of "Scum." I picked this up after reading a couple glowing reviews comparing them to Brutal Truth, both sonically and idealistically, and almost every review i came across mentioned the utter intensity on display throughout Nails' approach. They were not wrong, and i was not disappointed. This is fucking obliteration and rage transformed into feedbacking goop and total disregard for any sort of acclaim. It's the best kind of music because it's born from personal strife and a deep rooted disgust for every aspect of modern existence. There is no advocation of change-just a statement of excision.
Seven tracks flatten you in a matter of minutes, coming across like an amalgamation of the aforementioned Brutal Truth, "Jane Doe"-era Converge, Black Flag and the Melvins (the title track may as well be "Honeybucket" rewritten for hardcore and that's not a bad thing at all.) The record culminates with "Lies," a three minute dirge that gives up its last two to an crushing cycle of chunking repetitive power chord atavism while bolts of shrieking hot feedback and electricity scar themselves over the top of it all. I was left wanting the song to be 30 minutes rather than three-i could have listened to that bludgeoning riff for a whole album's length. This shit is that good, truly.
Nails have filtered a key number of extreme influences (Slayer, death metal, sludge/noise aesthetics) into a focused, bitter and incredibly bilious eruption of anger and inner exploration, a frayed edge of psychological portraiture, a clear depiction of the coming depth of the downward spiral. It's over way too quick, and this could have easily fit on a seven inch but that's my only complain. Serious grind passion, a high mark for the genre that hasn't been achieved in a long, long time. Totally recommended.

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