Saturday, August 7, 2010


I don't know that i really even need to review Boris records anymore because at this point, for me, this is a band that can do absolutely no wrong. Every recent release has been so fucking consistently awesome and goosebump-inducing that i've pretty much come to the point where all i'm going to do is rock the fuck out once the needle hits the wax. This one keeps up that fine tradition and more. I'm very very pleased to say that this record is FUCKING AMAZING.
The facts: it's a four song EP, 20 minutes in length, with Boris being fronted by the heartbreaking, defeated-by-life vocals of the Cult's Ian Astbury. It's one of the strongest collection of songs this band has ever thrown together, at once remorselessly heavy, hypnotically simple and wrist-slittingly, hands-raised-to-the sky-in-wonder-and contemplation gorgeous. Much of this comes from Astbury's top notch singing-he takes these songs and interprets them from a point of view that Boris themselves may not have been able to. His style lends an epic, weathered feel to everything, adding a weary aura of resignation that can only come from true experience and reflection. His lyrics are obtuse and magic-obsessed, but i still can't help but feel a deep sort of sadness and questioning in what he's presenting to us. It's really striking, affecting and wonderful. Boris in turn play to Astbury's sensibilities and aesthetics, drenching their songs in massive 80's-rock style reverb replete with those stupefyingly gigantic Phil Collins X1000 drums that so defined the era. It's at once referential to Astbury's pedigree and a calculated stylistic choice that suits the work.
This is an excellent pairing, and kudos go out to whomever suggested this collaboration. Someone obviously knew the strengths these two would bring and help bring out in each other. Astbury sounds like a natural power unleashed, and Boris have crafted some of their finest, most accessible (but still-ALWAYS-fucking heavy) material. The only complaint is the easiest to make-the record is too short. I'd love to see a full length and a tour, but for now this is enough. This one goes down as absolutely fucking essential, highest possible recommendation. But i didn't need to write that, did i?

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