Wednesday, June 8, 2011


I didn't win the "Sugar Daddy-Live" review contest. Top honors went to some asshole who submitted seven reviews, not a single one of which mentioned the music contained on the album at all. It was just a bunch of Melvins-ass kissing over and over, many instances of which went over the Melvins-imposed 100 word limit. What a bunch of crap. Seriously. Reading through all of the submissions, there were only a handful of people who actually addressed the album as that-the rest of it was a bunch of poorly written "please give me a t-shirt" bullshit alongside about a hundred proclamations of "Melvins rule" or "best band ever" ballyhooing. It wasn't that i wanted the autographed t-shirt-i've seen the Melvins plenty of times and have plenty of signed stuff-i just wanted this minor vindication from people whom i respect. I don't know what to think anymore. a review should be a review. There's room to move within that framework but you should at least convey some sort of opnion about what's on the record you're supposedly informing others about. I always thought the Melvins were smarter than this. I would invite anyone to read the entries and tell me any of them were up to any sort of journalistic standard. utter and total bullshit. What a load of fucking cumrags. Jesus fucking christ. I'm sickened.


Mr. Bojanglesbitch said...

What a butthurt douche. "WAAAAA, I didn't win... someone with an original idea did, WAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!11!!" Perhaps the Melvins were looking for something out of the ordinary, wait, they were, because you lost.

Cory said...

Read the winning entry and tell me it was original or well-written. It wasn't. I have no problem losing out to another well-written review, but i do have a problem losing out to ass-kissing bullshit.